MFA Program Overview

The changing landscape of people’s everyday interactions has blurred the lines between respected design fields giving designers new responsibilities to shape experiences. Designers must increase their knowledge in all areas of design, including print media, human-computer interaction design, motion graphics, and 3D digital graphics.

The MFA Visual Communication Design program at RIT embraces this new ideology through its curriculum that addresses these merging skill sets. It provides a learning environment for advancement in innovative research, user-centered design, and professional practice focusing on the creative potentials of visual communication through a full spectrum of media.

Focusing on Design

The program is professionally focused to inspire and empower graduates to become practicing designers, entrepreneurs and contributors who impact interactions among people, products, and environments.

This program takes a rigorous, full spectrum approach to design implementation and integration into multiple forms of media that includes: web and mobile, print media, motion graphics, 3D modeling and motion, information design, user interface and experience design, and branding and identity system design.

The skill sets required of graphic, interactive, and digital design have now crossed over and are interrelated. It doesn’t matter what medium, the common element is design

Student Work

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