State of the Art

Design is about thinking, as well as making. This is why we strive to provide the best tools to our students.

The Visual Communication Design program has its own studio/lab facility that includes iMacs and BOXX computers, scanners, HD digital video cameras, video editing, sound editing booth, DTI 3D stations, a lounge and an interactive lecture room. The ratio of users to computers in the lab is 2:1. There are approximately 50 students in this graduate program.

Lab Equipment

Mobile Touch Devices, Arduino Kits, Kinect Sensors, LEAP Motion, Whisper Sound Recording Booth, Cintiq Tablet, Green Screen

Apart from that, our computers always have the most up to date versions of design software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Cinema 4D etc. There are other accessible computer facilities on campus, many in the same building as the program, including a Maya 3D lab and a PC lab. Color print output and other services are also available on campus.

Design Cage Equipment →

Digital Point and Shoot Camera Kit, Digital SLR Camera Kit, Digital HD Camcorder Kit, Light Kits, Microphones